Our Company

In December of 2002, Ben Klein, a business entrepreneur, and David Porush, an attorney specializing in tax, started MTS Consulting, LLC. Building on years of experience in the field of State and Local Tax Consulting, MTS established a unique tax saving and cost reducing business strategy available to businesses ranging from the Fortune 500 to small and mid-size companies.


Recently, MTS has expanded its service offerings to include all areas of tax - federal, state and local (income, sales and use property), and international. The new services include tax preparation services, advising clients on federal tax accounting methods, reviewing income tax returns for liability reduction opportunities, planning initiatives to reduce future taxes, research and private letter rulings, cost segregation studies, audit representation with the IRS and state agencies, and assisting companies with sales tax, property tax, and payroll tax issues.


When companies are relocating, expanding, renovating, remodeling, or reinventing their businesses, we assist with negotiated incentives. MTS also specializes in obtaining the greatest value under the existing federal and state tax credit programs, which include:


  • Empowerment Zones and Renewal Communities
  • HIRE Act Benefits
  • WOTC benefits from all categories
  • Enterprise Zones
  • Hiring grants and credits
  • Training grants and credits
  • Sales/Use, Real Estate, Personal Property, and Payroll tax abatements


Besides working with these programs, MTS works closely with clients to determine if they are able to qualify for any other benefits. The firm helps companies with grants, assistance with ADA projects, evaluating tax credits for purchase, and custom solutions in tax and finance for all business needs.