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Tax Incentives

  • Negotiated incentives
  • Saleable and transferrable credits
  • Program credits


Offerings from MTS related to new hires

Federal Tax Credit Services, WOTC Program Specialists, and State specialists

  • We pride ourselves in being able to produce significant value relating to hiring practices. We have highly trained personnel who know how to work with the businesses to obtain the greatest value under the existing federal tax credit programs, including Empowerment Zones and Renewal Communities, HIRE Act benefits, WOTC benefits from all categories, and Indian Employment Credits (where applicable). We used closed loop processing so that every new hire is evaluated, and use programming tools and maps which help determine which program(s) will produce the greatest results. We have entered into e-filing programs with several states which have improved the turnaround time in obtaining certifications under WOTC. We are able to inform our clients where they stand on a quarterly basis with respect to these programs, and provide annual projections for their budgets.
  • Besides federal programs, we maintain a close relationship with our clients to understand where and how their business is growing. For existing locations, we determine if the client is able to qualify for any state programs, and are able to obtain even greater benefits for these locations. For newly planned locations, we provide our clients with a list of opportunities available for the new locations, both at the state and local levels. Often, newly planned locations require additional steps to be able to obtain the benefits, and we help our clients make sure that those benefits will be obtainable. We review our clients’ tax profile to make sure that they will be able to use these benefits or be able to convert the benefits into cash or reductions of other direct taxes. We also work closely with our clients to insure that they take advantage of any cash grant programs relating to new hires. We have helped clients negotiate incentive packages for new locations, and have helped them create Enterprise Zones for new and existing locations.
  • We work closely with our clients to understand their training needs for new hires and incumbent workforces. We help them to identify programs where they may be able to receive assistance from local governments relating to building their workforces at new locations. We also analyze their training plans regarding new and incumbent workers to determine what programs, grants, or credits are available to support their business initiatives.